Bathroom Design Service

Plan, four elevations, and a downlight projection drawing, mood board are supplied on all projects.
This bathroom required a complete rethink. It initially was a dated and cramped bathroom with a washing machine, dryer and water heater crammed in the corner. The key to this design was utilizing the space to its full potential and at the same time hiding the fact that it had a dual purpose as a laundry. It was also important that the design incorporated the theme that ran through out the home. The introduction of a centralised feature wall allowed the shower and laundry spaces to be tucked in behind. From the doorway and even when using the vanity the laundry compartment is unseen. The feature tiles used behind the wall hung vanity ties in with the floor, introducing a different size tile but not a new colour. The tiles are Spanish glazed porcelain with a limestone look grain on them- totally maintenance free and practical.